How To Build Wealth with An Affiliate Marketing Business

written byDigital Smart Success Team

Are you interested in Affiliate Marketing?

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You want to create personal wealth, right?

When it comes to reaching your financial freedom and your wealth, are you doing or wishing?

Let's start by understanding what wealth is. Commonly people believe that money is wealth, but time and freedom are the true wealth. Financial and time freedom will always be the definitive ambition for many of us.

Being capable to generate and save plenty prosperity to enjoy life and support your family without worrying is the dream.

Certain individuals consider themselves wealthy because they live in a very luxurious house and travel around the world whenever they want. Others think they are wealthy just because they're able to pay their bills on time.

Wealth is a stock of possessions that can generate future income and well-being, providing you with Financial and Time freedom.

Building wealth requires having the precise information, preparation and making good choices. And is important to protect the wealth you accumulate.


Money and currency are two concepts that are used every day and are frequently confused as being the same thing.


Currency is the paper money, the credit cards, coins... it is portable, durable, divisible, and interchangeable, and it is the tangible representation of money. We leave in an economic world, and we need cash, bills, and coins to live in our daily life, that is our purchasing power. Making enough money is one of the goals we have in life, enough to live and save and provide, with the ultimate dream of financial freedom, where the worry of making enough money is out of the way.

The problem with currency is that global trends, inflation, deflation, and governments change constantly the value of currencies. Because of banks printing more and more money every day, they dilute the currency supply, and money buys less and less every day. For that reason, currency is not a store of wealth, although it executes the function of supporting day-to-day transactions.


Money has intrinsic value, and it is intangible, which means that it cannot be touched, however it can be seen in terms of numbers.

Money serves as a medium of exchange and is used for trading goods and services. It works as a stock of wealth opposite to the currency which is used to make day to day transactions.

It performs mainly four functions: medium of exchange, store of value, measure of value, and standard of deferred payments.


Gold is considered as good money and bad money is currency.

Gold and silver are the best way of money, because they are properties, they are an easy way of exchange, and they store a large amount of value in a small area. It is durable, portable and its value is the same all over the world. There is a limited supply, that's why governments or individuals can create gold and silver, and over the last five thousand years, gold and silver have preserved their purchasing value

Accumulating gold and silver is a long-term strategy to build wealth. By purchasing gold and silver, people can protect themselves from times of worldwide economic uncertainty.

This is because gold and silver are Gold can be bought and stored, but it is not usually used directly as a method of payment. However, it is highly liquid and can be converted to cash in almost any currency with relative ease.

Gold is a proactive investment to hedge against potential risks to paper currency, Investing in precious metals like gold and silver has been one of the most popular ways of investing and diversifying a portfolio. Buying physical gold and silver as an investment is a great and safe choice, since they hold their value and gain value.



Affiliate marketing can be extraordinarily lucrative if you put the right strategies in place.

Normally, developing a successful affiliate marketing business can take years, or a long journey of trial and error. New and experienced affiliates can take advantage of DFY Marketing Systems, developed by leading figures in the Affiliate marketing industry. If you are an affiliate, you are probably familiar with marketing concepts, such as landing page, email marketing, advertisement, and the compensation plans of the different affiliate programs in the market.

To get to the top of as an affiliate marketer it is important to find a mentor, a person that will provide you with the knowledge and the tools to lead you to the next level.

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